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What services can you provide to me as an expert witness?

  1. A thorough discussion and analysis  of the case

  2. Review of all the medical records, exam findings, testimonies and information

  3. Professionally crafted and expertly detailed comprehensive report (draft)

  4. Discussion and review of drafted report

  5. Modifications and revisions to meet requirements and standard reporting guidelines

  6. Finalized Letterhead Report

  7. Deposition and Testimony at Trial as needed

How Does The Process Work?

Step 1: Initiate Contact

Step 2: Initial Free Consultation

  • We speak via the free 15 minute conversation to briefly discuss the case

Step 3: Agreement

  • If you decide to proceed further a consulting agreement will be sent to you for review and signature

  • Further in depth review and analysis of all of the records, communication and imaging will be conducted

  • Expert Reports will be drafted and reviewed

  • Further deposition if required

How do I know that Inspire Medical Health is the right consulting agency for me?

If you are an attorney seeking the advice of an expert medical witness in the field of radiology or ophthalmology, then Inspire Medical Health can provide those solutions

How do you customize your services?

During your free 15 minute consultation, we will be able to get a general consensus of the of the case. This will help both the expert witness and the attorney decide what is involved and how to proceed. Based on this information, further investigation and planning can then be discussed.

Do you have security and/or insurance coverage?

Rest Assured that all information discussed with the clinicians will be held to the utmost standard of HIPAA compliance. All of the information discussed will be strictly confidential and all email transactions fully secured. We maintain full Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage for all of our clinicians.

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